The Directorate of the FEZ “Angren”

The Directorate of the Free Economic Zone “Angren” is a state unitary company carrying out operational management of the FEZ “Angren”.

The Directorate of FEZ “Angren”:

  • registers FEZ participants in accordance with the decisions of the administrative council;
  • in accordance with decisions of administrative councils, signs investment agreements with investors, agreements with FEZ participants on the sale of state property at a "zero" redemption value;
  • learns and researches foreign and domestic investors for the implementation of investment projects on the territory of FEZ;
  • places investment projects approved by decisions of the administrative council according to the general land plan of the FEZ;
  • organizes the issuance of all necessary permits for connection to the networks of engineering and communications infrastructure on "one-window" concept;
  • performs systemic control over the proper implementation of the obligations of the FEZ investors, with subsequent submission of the results to the administrative council;
  • manages state-owned real estate objects located on the territory of FEZ;
  • ensures implementation of the development program of FEZ;
  • ensures control over the improvement of the environmental situation, and also bears responsibility for the preservation of historical and cultural values ​​located on the territory of the FEZ;
  • performs other functions for the operational management of FEZ “Angren”.